Introducing Parallel TV

Never watch alone

We are TheCouch

(coming soon to an Android or iOS device near you)

Your couch. Your TV
Sit back and invite the world in.

TheCouch connects you with live commentary to match the TV show you're watching,
creating a richer, funnier, crazier experience we call Parallel TV.

While you watch selected TV shows, choose your favorite commentator from multiple live video feeds and join the parallel experience. With our zero-delay technology, it really feels like watching together. See who else is watching and engage with our live chat. The commentator wants to know what you think so he can react to it. TV has never been more fun.

Speak to the world

Be a TV commentator
from your own couch.

All you need is a PC and a webcam and you can create your own live parallel TV video stream.

Perhaps you’re smart or make people laugh. Perhaps you have
specialist knowledge or a unique take on a popular program. With
TheCouch, you can get your opinions and comments to your
audience, build up a following, and help enrich other people’s TV
viewing experience

Just set yourself up with a webcam and a broadband connection,
and send your thoughts out there to the people watching your
favorite shows

Speak to the world.
Give live TV commentary from your own couch.

How it works

TheCouch is a parallel viewing experience, which means it consists of two screens broadcasting at the same time. The first one is your TV screen on which you see your TV show The second screen is your PC, tablet or smartphone where you can see the commentator live, streaming from his couch

In order to watch your favorite star commentator, all you have to do is

  • 1
    Log in to TheCouch
  • ······
  • 2
    Select your TV show
  • ······
  • 3
    Select the commentator
That’s it

Our Team

    Zeev Prokopets Co-Founder, CEO
    Ron Gutman General Manager, North America
    Jamie Howard Chief Digital Officer
    Adam Dunsky Co-Founder
    Lior Morad CTO